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Positive Seal: JDK120 is designed to provide a secure and reliable seal on cartons or packages, reducing the chances of sealing failures. This helps to ensure that the contents remain protected during transit or storage.

Excellent Adhesion: The tape offers strong adhesion to various surfaces, ensuring a secure bond between the tape and the carton. This minimizes the risk of tampering or pilferage, providing added security.

Tensile and Tear Strength: JDK120 exhibits an excellent balance of tensile and tear strength in both machine and cross directions. This means that the tape can withstand force and pulling in different directions without easily tearing or breaking, ensuring the integrity of the seal.

Product Detail


Common Instructions For Application

Product Tags



Kraft Paper


Natural Rubber





Break Strength(N/inch)




Adhesion to steel(90°N/inch)


Operating temp



Carton sealing, packaging, silk screening, picture framing, beaming/leasing, splicing, and tabbing.


Self Time & Storage

Jumbo roll should be transported and stored vertically. Slitted rolls should be stored under normal condition of 20±5℃ and 40~65%R.H., avoid direct sunlight. In order to get best performance, please use this product in 12 month.

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  •  Environmentally friendly.


     Moisture Resistance.

     Good tensile strength and adhesion.

    Clean the surface of the object before applying the tape to remove any dirt, dust, or oils.

    Apply sufficient pressure on the tape after applying it to ensure proper adhesion.

    Store the tape in a cool and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight and heaters to prevent damage.

    Avoid applying the tape directly to skin unless it is specifically designed for that purpose to prevent skin irritation or adhesive residue.

    Carefully select the appropriate tape to avoid any adhesive residue or contamination that may occur during application.

    If you have any special applications or concerns, please consult with Jiuding Tape.

    The values provided are measured but not guaranteed by Jiuding Tape.

    Verify the production lead-time with Jiuding Tape as some products may require longer processing times.

    Jiuding Tape reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

    Use caution when using the tape, as Jiuding Tape does not assume liability for any damage that may result from its use.

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