Aluminum Foil Tape

Combining the durability of aluminum and the weather-resistant sealing power of a silicone, rubber or acrylic adhesive system creates a versatile, multi-functional product designed to take on tough heating and cooling challenges. The aluminum backing makes these products malleable, conductive and UV and aging resistant, perfect for holding and masking applications in the home appliance, HVAC, automotive or aerospace industries.

● Large surface temperature range.
● Aging resistant.
● Molds to any shape.
● Stands up to harsh chemicals.
    Products Backing Material Type of Adhesive Total Thickness Adhesion Temp Resistance
    Aluminum Foil Acrylic 90μm 9N/25mm 120℃
    Aluminum Foil Acrylic 140μm 9N/25mm 120℃
    Aluminum Foil+Fiberglass Acrylic 140μm 10N/25mm 120℃
    Aluminum Foil Silicone 90μm 8.5N/25mm 260℃