Butyl Tape

Butyl tape uses butyl rubber and poly isobutylene as main raw materials and reconciles, squeezes into strip, covered with isolation paper. And coil it into roll shape. Through these steps, butyl tape is finished. Butyl sealant tape contains two types,one is single sided butyl tape, the other is double sided butyl tape. It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of material surfaces(color steel plate, steel, waterproof coiled material, cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials). Thus it is also referred to as self adhesive type sealing tape.

● No melt in hot weather or harden in cold weather.
● Anti-UV and aging. Long service life.
● Eco-friendly, No toxic or odor.
● High tack and good adhesion.
● For roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair.
● Adheres directly to roof deck or substrate.
● Aluminum surface reflects heat lowering utility costs.
● Easy to install, low cost and labor saving.
● Tough and durable − puncture and abrasion resistant.
● Requires no coating or covering for exposure to sunlight.
    Products Total Thickness Temp Range Applications
    0.3-2mm -40~120℃ Mainly used for the overlap between steel plates in steel-framed buildings and the overlap between steel plates and polycarbonate sheets, as well as the overlap between polycarbonate sheets, steel plates, and concrete. Also used for the seam joints of EPDM waterproofing rolls.
    0.3-2mm -35~100℃ Mainly used for waterproofing and repairs in hard-to-seal areas such as automotive roofs, cement roofs, pipes, skylights, chimneys, PC sheet greenhouses, mobile toilet roofs, and the ridges of light steel factory buildings.