Double-Sided Tape

Engineered to provide durable, long-lasting security where and when it matters the most, our bonding tapes offer a flexible connection that stands the test of time. Jiuding Tape offers double-sided filament tape, double-sided tissue tape, and double-sided PET tape, coated with synthetic rubber, acrylic, fire-retardant adhesive, or other adhesive system. These tapes can be customized to provide high adhesion, temperature resistance, aging resistance, and fire resistance according to your specific requirements.Our high-quality bonding tapes have excellent resistance to a wide variety of environmental conditions and are an ideal choice for interior and exterior bonding applications.

● Faster Assembly Time.
● Design Flexibility.
● Immediate Handling Strength.
● Bond Dissimilar Materials and LSE Materials.
● Prevent Moisture Intrusion.
    Products Backing Material Type of Adhesive Total Thickness Adhesion Features & Applications
    Glass Fiber Synthetic Rubber 200μm 25N/25mm High Tac, High adhesion
    Glass Fiber Acrylic 160μm 10N/25mm Good weathering performance
    Glass Fiber FR Acrylic 115μm 10N/25mm Excellent fire-retardant performance
    Non-woven Acrylic 150μm 10N/25mm High tack; adheres well to various surfaces such as plastics, metals, papers, and name plates, Good weathering performance
    PET Acrylic 205μm 17N/25mm Excellent adhesion and holding power, Suitability for critical demands such as heavy stress and high temperatures