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JD4361R is a polyester film/glass filament tape. This tape is suitable for oil and air filled transfer applications and reinforcements, as well as for holding and separating ground insulation. The tape is 600V rated and withstands a temperature range of 0 to 155 °C.

JD4361R with polyester film/glass filament backing has a pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive that offers firm adherence. This high break strength tape is designed for applications that require both dielectric strength and mechanical strength. Ideal for bundling motor coils and coil covering.

Product Detail


Common Instructions For Application

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Backing  material

Polyester film+glass fiber

Type of adhesive


Total thickness

167 μm



Breaking Strength

1100 N/inch



Adhesion to Steel 90°

15 N/inch

Dielectric Breakdown



JD4361R tape is especially suited for heavy duty air and oil filled transfer applications, reinforcements, holding and separating ground insulation, bundling motor coils and coil covering.


Self Time & Storage

This product has a 5-year shelf life (from date of manufacture) when stored in humiditycontrolled storage (50°F/10°C to 80°F/27°C and <75% relative humidity). 

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  •  Solvent-resistant, high temperature filament tape with acrylic adhesive.

     Designed for applications needing both the dielectric strength of polyester film and the high mechanical strength of glass fibers.

     Low stretch, high tensile and edge-tear resistant.

     Excellent for anchoring lead wires to banding coils and end-turn taping.

     Before applying the tape, make sure to clean the surface of the adherend to remove any dirt, dust, oils, etc.

    ● Apply sufficient pressure to the tape after application to ensure it adheres properly.

     Store the tape in a cool and dark place to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heaters, as they can affect its performance.

    ● Do not use the tape directly on skin unless it is specifically designed for that purpose. Using tape not meant for skin application can result in rashes or adhesive residue.

    ● When choosing the tape, carefully consider the requirements of your application to avoid any adhesive residue or contamination on the adherends.

    ● If you have any special applications or questions, please consult with us for guidance and assistance.

    ● Please note that the values provided are measured values and not guaranteed.

     Confirm the production lead-time with us as some products may require longer processing time.

    ● Specifications of the product may change without prior notice, so please stay updated.

    ● Please exercise caution when using the tape. Jiuding Tape does not assume any liability for any damage that may occur as a result of using the tape.

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