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JD5121R is made from composite glass fiber fabric coated with non-corrosive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It possesses puncture resistance, wear resistance, and resistance to edge tearing, high tensile strength, suitable for various heavy-duty insulation and fastening applications. It is resistant to solvent corrosion, aging, and exhibits excellent electrical insulating strength and insulation resistance properties.

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Common Instructions For Application

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Backing material

Polyester+Fiberglass Cloth

Type of adhesive


Total thickness

160 μm



Breaking Strength

1000 N/inch



Adhesion to Steel 90°

10 N/inch

Temperature Resistance



Used for various coil/transformer and motor applications, high-temperature coil insulation wrapping, wire harness winding, and splicing.

Self Time & Storage

When stored under controlled humidity conditions (10°C to 27°C and relative humidity <75%), the shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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  • At extreme temperatures ranging from low temperatures to 180 ºC.

    Non–corrosive, solvent resistant.

     High strength, tear-resistance.

     Resists rotting and shrinking after extended use in a variety of environments.

     Use as coil cover, anchor, banding, core layer and crossover insulation.

     Please remove any dirt, dusts, oils, etc., from surface of adherend before applying the tape.

    ● Please give sufficient pressure on the tape after applying to obtain necessary adhesion.

    Please store the tape in cool and dark place by avoiding heating agents such as direct sunlight and heaters.

     Please do not stick tapes directly to skins unless the tapes are designed for the application to human skins, otherwise a rash or adhesive deposit may arise.

    ● Please confirm carefully for the selection of tape before in order to avoid adhesive residue and/or contamination to adherends that may arise by applications.

     Please consult with us when you use the tape for special applications or seem to use special applications.

    ● We described all values by measuring, but we do not mean to guarantee those values.

    ● Please confirm our production lead-time, since we need it longer for some products occasionally.

     We may change the specification of product without prior notice.

     Please be very careful when you use the tape. Jiuding Tape does not hold any liabilities of the occurrence of damage that results from using of the tape.

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