Biodegradable Tape

Biodegradable Film tape is made with a natural cellulose film and a eco-friendly adhesive. The tape is naturally biodegradable in landfill and compost bins, making it a great eco-friendly option for shipping and securing your goods. It is perfect for securing boxes and envelopes, making them safe and ready to ship.

● Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
● Excellent tensile strength for strong packing.
● Could be recycled along with used paper.
● Excellent weather resistance, low-noise, and static-free.
● Biodegradable sticky tape writable and custom printable.
● Degradable adhesive tape with high-temperature resistance up to 190℃/374℉ and adaptable to high and low-temperature environments.
    Products Backing Material Type of Adhesive Total Thickness Break Strength Features & Applications
    Cellulose Water-based Acrylic 50μm 90N/25mm Free Removal, Home Appliance